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About Our Training Center

TruCare Medical Training Center 

TruCare Medical Training Center is a Louisiana state approved, certified nurse aid training program. Located in Gonzales, LA. We train and prepare individuals for entry-level jobs in the medical field as CNAs.

Our Vision

TMTC will provide high-quality hands-on training to learn the necessary skills to become a Certified Nurse Aid.  TruCare Medical Training Center will incorporate professionalism, respect, and integrity into the curriculum delivery. We are dedicated to providing the best quality education and exceptional services to prepare students to work in different healthcare settings.    

Our Mission

The mission at TruCare Medical Training Center (TMTC) is to provide high quality education and hands on training to individuals who will provide competent, compassionate, and exceptional care to their patients while maintaining respect, honesty, and integrity to all cultures in various healthcare settings.   

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Jacquia Wells 

Jacquia Wells is a Registered Nurse with an extensive amount of professional nursing experience in multiple specialty areas. As a travel nurse, she has gained incredible knowledge and a wide range of skillset. Starting as a CNA, she continued to strive to climb the career ladder of success. Her career in nursing began in October 2006 as an LPN graduate from Delta College of Arts & Technology in Baton Rouge, LA. Ms. Wells returned to school to further her education as an RN and graduated from Charity School of Nursing in New Orleans, LA in May 2010. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in December 2020 from Chamberlain University in Chicago, IL.  

TruCare Medical Training Center was started to help train individuals how to become respectful, loving, caring and compassionate caregivers. Sparked by her passion for educating and nursing, the owner, Jacquia Wells, embarked on the journey to develop a training program that would encompass her love and passion for educating individuals in the medical field. Her dream is to inspire and motivate individuals to deliver care for others with love and compassionate and strive for higher success. 

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